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VUNOTIC (Vulgarisation des Nouvelles Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication)

Popularizing New Information and Communication technologies

Knowledge and Information are essential to be able to answer the opportunities and the stakes related to social, economic and technological changes. However, their utility depends on their effective communication to the public.

Today, smart-phones, tablets, and netbooks, along with the ubiquitous availability of wireless networks are deeply influencing the way people live, work, interact, and socialize.

However, the broad popularity and diffusion of innovative services and applications tailored at mobile users is also raising challenging research issues that require us to rethink available mobile technology solutions to meet the emerging needs of a broader and ever growing user base.

Even now in developing countries (it is more crucial in not developing ones), still there exist neighborhoods which are excluded from a wide range of information and knowledge, like in the rural and poor areas.


- Promotion and popularization of the New Information and Communication Technologies,

- Organization of conferences, seminaries and training sessions in various centers, mainly in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

- Organization of students competition, in a given neighborhood, where a challenge for which teams compete, in a given period of time, against each other to solve a set of programming problems.

- "Idea Award" provides financial help to students, in a given neighborhood, who are looking to implement an idea for a project. It enables student to work with others (invited experts, researchers, engineering project). Topics may be of a technical or non-technical nature from research on cutting-edge technology, humanitarian, and community-service programs.

"If information and knowledge are central to democracy, they are the conditions of development" - Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General, (1997), at the World Bank Conference '˜Global Knowledge'.


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